Exhibitions Jan – Oct 2022

Kroll Building New York: exhibiting triptychs I, II and III

Triptych II : Fragments
24x24x3cm x3 framed
oils , monoprint, and mixed media on canvas

Triptych III : Uncertain states : oils monoprint, mixed media on canvas framed. 24x24x3cmx3

Triptych I : homage de Chirico : oils monoprint, mixed media on canvas framed. 24x24x3cmx3

Things will Continue to Change’

At Koppel Project, Hive gallery. curated by Anna McNay and Perdita Sinclair, with Judith Burrows, Matthew Burrows, Clare Chapman, Alison Goodyear, Libby Heaney, Suzanne O’Haire, Carol Robertson and Perdita Sinclair.

Schade-Henge. steel, organic matter, lacquer

Akashic Library. steel, organic matter, lacquer

Featured artist at Broomhill-Estate Arts Hotel, home to the National Sculpture Prize who are hosting 30 pieces, steel sculptures and paintings in their gallery. Opened December 2021, New work and PV closing weekend 8th -10th April 2022


Fragile Earth: from ‘Chaos in Paradise’: steel, organic matter, lacquer: triptych 110cmx1250x3

‘lovely work at Broomhill’ Polly Morgan, artist

”wonderful to see such talent brought to North Devon – a real treat’

Alchemy I-XII

Alchemy I-XII: winter solstice: alchemy I-III, spring equinox: alchemy IV-VI, summer solstice: alchemy VII-IX, autumn equinox X-XII: Steel and organic matter, 12 wall panels 385cmx125cm

Theo-Artistry Project: St. Andrews, Scotland

‘Chaos in Paradise’ : triptych : 95 x1250 cm : steel, Ink, organic matter

I was invited to create a new piece of work in response to ‘Revelation’ working in collaboration with ‘theo-artistry project’ and PHD theology students at St Andrews University. A text and image project, I printed on steel prior to patination in an exploration of the response of nature to man-made materials and the interventions that I have imposed. As the observed symbiosis deepens it reveals the tenuous relationship between man and nature.

Exhibited at IG gallery and St Andrews Episcopal church, St Andrews, Scotland. Dec. 2021

Travers Smith Collection 2022: Gaia: Mother and Child (homage to Barbara Hepworth) steel, organic matter, from ‘Uncertain States’



My RCA graduation site features work created in 2021 and exhibited at a solo show at Gallery 40, City Road, Old Street, London.

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