Uncertain States

Alchemy I-XII in exhibition: raw steel, organic matter, lacquer 

In a time of ‘Uncertainty’, ‘Lostness’ and global precariousness, and in response to changing climate and ecological chaos, I am prompting a dialogue with the natural world. My interdisciplinary practice reflects on the fragility, yet resilience of nature, in relation to man-made materials that decay and atrophy with time, in turn becoming absorbed back into the earth, acknowledging impermanence.

I create narratives in a form of scientific experiment. What emerges from this exploration is an understanding of the interdependency of existence alongside holistic connections in the entangled lives of all species. Alchemical techniques and meditation on process merge together in a symbiotic interaction. My attempt at intervention precludes any defined outcome. I make a move and nature responds in unpredictable ways. At a point of vulnerability what is revealed are rich tones and form in the printed outlines of the source material: fragility on the surface in metamorphosis; a palimpsest holding memory in process: a rebirth.

Raw Steel and Organic matter

Gaia Mother and Child – Raw Steel

In Morphic Resonance – 20 Raw Steel cubes 5cmx5cm

Akashic Records Library – Raw Steel and Organic Matter

In Morphic Resonance – Raw Steel

Uncertain States I – Mixed Media Oils & Rust on canvas

Uncertain States II A lot of things don’t make sense any more

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