Arboretum (new work 2023)

I am attempting a dialogue with individual trees in spring 2023.

The interaction at this time of year is powerful as the energy and life force of the tree as expressed through the leaves as they photosynthesise, appears to be at its peak.

To the Fossil and Memory Tree: The Ginkgo Biloba 2023 (triptych) 94x125cm: raw steel, organic matter,

The leaves express themselves in reaction to the metal in a variety of ways and with differing effect depending on the season, the elements, and my intervention in the process. Fallen leaves under Ice and snow encourage a reaction, and palette, that differs from those in spring and summer where weather conditions play an important part in the process. The consistency of the leaves also has an effect on this relationship. Leaves from deciduous trees are more prone to interact with the alchemy and process while waxy evergreens do not communicate, or comply as easily

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