Chaos in Paradise

Chaos in Paradise: a response to ‘revelations’ organic matter, Ink, lacquer on raw Steel 125cm x 94cm 

Chaos in Paradise is a response to the contradictions in our tenuous relationship with nature, the planet, the universe. At this time of disconnection, I am exploring a dialogue with nature in a meditation on precariousness and vulnerability. Seeking connectivity that could reflect wider possibilities of an affinity; a symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship, with the premise that all living entities are kindred. By putting aside my anthropocentric worldview, and becoming at one with nature and the materials, an organic response and dialogue unravels, that ultimately illuminates the wholly co-dependent relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Chaos In Paradise III

62cm x 50cm 

Chaos in paradise II
62cm x 50cm

Chaos In Paradise IV

106cm x 60cm

Chaos In Paradise V

62cm x 50cm

Chaos In Paradise

Chaos In Paradise IX
Entangled Life organic matter, Ink, lacquer on raw Steel.
125cm x 94cm 

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