Uncertain States II: Infinity Particles

Traces of dust, decay, rust, ash, dead leaves, bones, sand, salt, the effluent of my processes, are collected and placed in 8 hand-blown glass globes, like fragile glass coffins,

“Make yourself one with dust. This is the profound identity. The eternal profundity between man and nature… of ash and the earth from which we come and from which we return’” Antonio Tapies from Tao te Ching

Transparent and Womblike, yet inaccessible with sharp edges, the globes are balanced on sculpted, poisonous zinc, cut into sharp barbed-wire strands – a contradiction between the purity of glass and the jagged hostility of the wire. These in turn are precariously placed on a thick sheet of plate glass, itself then balanced on 27cm high rusted steel rods.



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