Uncertain Sates II: Alchemy I-XIII

In a time of ‘Uncertainty’, ‘Lostness’ and global precariousness, I am prompting a dialogue between living organisms, and the man-made, and exploring a parallel mutual interaction. 

I am concerned with imbalance of natural order and fragile eco-systems, and searching for balance, symbiosis and connectivity, at a time of disconnection.

In an interdisciplinary practice, I choose materials that decay and atrophy with time, in turn becoming absorbed back into the earth, acknowledging impermanence. Metals, glass, degradable papers and canvas.  I observe nature’s response to these materials by creating narratives in a form of scientific experiment.

A tension between the organic in transformation, communicating with the unstable man-made in turn influenced by the elements, and the seasons. An exchange takes place through corrosion and decay.

My attempt at intervention precludes any defined outcome. Like a game of chess, I make a move and nature responds in unpredictable ways.

Rust, and transformed organic matter from the interaction is captured in glass globes as evidence.

At a point of vulnerability what is revealed are rich tones and form decided by nature in the printed outlines of the source material: fragility on the surface in metamorphosis; a palimpsest holding memory in process: a rebirth.


Triptych from ALCHEMY I-XII: Winter Solstice: 30x125x3 steel and organic matter

Triptych from ALCHEMY I-XII: Autumn Equinox: 30x125cmx3 (SOLD) steel nd organic matter

ALCHEMY XIII: 30x125cm : steel and organic matter

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