New Work: small triptychs

WEB tryptich 3a from the series moments in the chaos of time_0013  WEB Tryptich 3b from series moments in the chaos of time_0006-2  WEB Tryptich 3c from the series moments in the chaos of time_0008

small Triptich 3 : from the series ‘Moments from the chaos of time’

Over the past 4 months I have been working on a new body of paintings : small triptychs, a large diptych, large single canvas and a small painting inspired by an ongoing theme. They reflect the chaotic times we find ourselves in – politically, personally and emotionally and how we position ourselves in this altered and unsettled landscape.

small triptych 1             sold (Collector Roger Armstrong)

WEB Small tryptich 2a_0005    WEB Small tryptich 2b_0005WEB Small tryptich 2c_0005

small triptych 2.

WEB Tryptich 1a Belonging to someone_9372WEB Tryptich 1c - the gypsy in my soul_9371WEB tryptich 1b in the middle of an island _9370

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