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Award winning Photographer and film maker currently studying at the RCA : MA Fine Art. A short resume of my history, and exhibitions can be found in the about section of this website.


Lostness, Uncertainty and Disempowerment, Precarity and Fragility.   

I am exploring ideas of apprehension of the individual and of society, in the current ecological crisis and global political chaos. The vulnerability of humanity exacerbated by the abuse and violation of earth’s resources, and the recognition of the interconnectivity of all living organisms, while acknowledging impermanence, Anicca.

My ideas are reflected in cold, hard metals, fragile sharp glass,­­­ and degradable papers: materials that decay and atrophy with time, waste materials that have been discarded, abandoned. Creating a dialogue between the natural world; the living breathing organism and the man-made; a symbiosis, an antibiosis. On canvas, lone figures, empty streets, husks of buildings in vast landscapes stretch to infinity using pigments from rust, and organic materials.  On metal, layers of mild steel, and copper are degraded using natural processes of corrosion, and decay from the wind, rain, and sun. Harnessed in a controlled environment using a mix of corrosive substances, and vegetation they are corrupted to a point of fragility, a breaking point. The rich tones that emerge in the process reveal sublime colours of pollution. The papers, metals, and minerals have been returned to a more precarious state. The materials are then carefully ‘re-worked’, printed, and imprinted, painted, or welded together in sculptural form for connective installation. The fragility of glass, is a container for the rust dust, or acid effluent of decay. 

Having started as manufactured product, the resulting processes convey an organic return, an unrefined quality, the paper torn and fragile, the canvas razed and rough, the metal crude and indelicate, expressing a vulnerability with razor-sharp edges.  The works become a collaborative theatre interacting and connecting with each other. A cube, small and vulnerable hangs in precarious isolation on the wall. A field of instability, a wasteland of objects, a sense of society collapsed, a sense of loss.



UNCERTAIN STATES metal panels 4th_0954




II Front and Back


Screens I, II, III, IV, V : Corridors of Power

corridors of power_ for site 1088


Paintings and Prints : Lockdown 2020

Paintings for sale – #artistsupportpledge –

Hot from the studio at the top, sold below.

isolating on a beach morning_0709-2   isolating on a beach evening_0710

L All the lonely people : beach walk, morning ; oils on canvas 20x20cm

R. All the lonely people : beach walk, evening ; oils on canvas 20x20cm

May 4th 2020_0707    unpredictable and self sabotaging_0486

L. May 4th 2020 : oils and mixed media on canvas : 20x20x

R. Unpredictable : oils and mixed media : 20x20x2cm

Slowdance-in this moment V _0572  hanging slowdance_0996

Slowdance : oils and mixed media on canvas 25x25x4cm and mounted on studio wal

Nightwalk II 2020_0702    nightwalk II square small _0998

Nightwalk II : In this moment VI : oils and mixed media on canvas : 25x25x4cm

and mounted on wall in studio.

many rivers to cross 1_0512   Nightwalk May 4th 2020_0691

L.Many Rivers to Cross : oils and mixed media 20x20x2cm

R. Nightwalk I : In this moment V : oils and mixed media on canvas : 25x25x4cm (SOLD)

Exit left oil and mixed media on canvasEn Estos Momentos - In this moment IV_0526

l. .Exit : oils and mixed media on canvas : 20x20x2cm (SOLD)

R. En Estos Momentos : In this moment IV : oils and mixed media on canvas : 25x25x4cm (SOLD)

Pause paintings for sale_0478light at the end

1. Pause : oils and mixed media on canvas : 25x25x4cm (SOLD)

2, Light at the end. : oils and mixed media on canvas : :25x25x4cm (SOLD)

Prints for sale. one-off individual prints

Beyond Other Horizons, Iasi, Romania

Beyond Other Horizons is a group show 1st- 31st March 2020 at Iasi Palace of Culture, Romania. Curated by Anna McNay, Peter Harrap and Florin Ungureanu, the show connected 40 British artists with 40 Romanian artists.

Two Lithographs ‘ On Madaba Road ‘ and ‘ Off Coggleshall Road’  were included in the show.

Ink on paper 42cm x 32cms

RCA WIP show / Black Swan Arts : 2019

‘En Estos Momentos’ is a mixed metal wall sculpture inspired by the painting of the same name. Screen print:  Ink on perforated steel, and sheet steel

It incorporates a detail from the painting ‘En Estos Momentos’ multiple screen-printed and first exhibited in January 2019 at the RCA. Recently selected for the Blackswanarts Open exhibition that ran for a month from October 16th to November 21 2019

En Estos Momentos; NEW WORK 2018-2019 that inspired ‘En Estos Momentos’ sculpture

130×92 cm : oils, photographs, monoprint, text on canvas

‘ViewPoints’ : Espacio Gallery 2018

I was one of 5 artists chosen to respond to 5 photographers.for an exhibition ‘VIEWPOINTS’ at the Espacio gallery in May 2018.  5 of my recent works including’A grey area of incomplete diagnosis’ were hung in response to the work of photographer Chris King.  Two of  my short films ‘ Skimming’ and ‘Cranes’ were screened at the event.

Judith Burrows_In a grey area of incomplete diagnosis_130cmsx96cms_oils, monoprint,photographs, text on canvas
in a grey area of incomplete diagnosis

131cms x 96cms      mixed media : oils, photographs, text on canvas